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Hi Everyone!

So sorry for disappearing like that! There's been a lot going on with my life and it's definitely affected my art. @___@

First off, I work an art job so I draw everyday for it, so a lot of the time, the last thing I want to do when I get home is draw for myself. It's sort of a resolution of mine this year to work on that more.

Another major thing that happened was as follows...

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 17 months now. I have PCOS and struggle with infertility so it's been a hard road and I have been seeing several fertility specialists to help with the issue. I recently (late November) started seeing a new one and he tested my blood to make sure that I could take a new medication safely. The results came back and I was 2.5 weeks pregnant. It was a complete shock because I didn't think it was possible for me that month. That, and when you've been trying month after month for as long as I have, it's surreal to hear something actually worked. lol. A few days later, I went in to test my blood again and they were expecting my HCG (thats the pregnancy hormone) to double. Instead, my HCG had dropped slightly, which pointed to a possible miscarriage. A went in another few days later and the same thing, so my doctor told me to expect to miscarry. Also, at the same time, I was having significant pain and discomfort coming from my ovary. (And also, the day after I found out I was miscarrying, my eldest dog got extremely sick and I had to put him down. So, I had a real shitty week) They tested my blood AGAIN (PS. I have had my blood tested just about every 2-4 days in the past 5 weeks) and this time the HCG went up, instead of continuing to drop like they were expecting. This highly concerned them, so I had to come in for an emergency ultrasound because they were now unsure if my pregnancy was in the uterus or not. The ultrasound didn't show where the pregnancy was but it did show that my ovary (the one that hurt) was 3 times it's size and that it was leaking fluid into my pelvic cavity. I was on fertility medication before I got pregnant, so that paired with being pregnant caused my ovary to go haywire. So, I was told to go on bed rest essentially because they were afraid my ovary could either rupture or twist on itself and cut off it's blood supply. I was also scheduled for a D&C surgery (which, to be completely honest, is basically like getting an abortion. But since my pregnancy was already deemed enviable and since there was no heartbeat yet, I wasn't getting rid of an actual fetus. Just a ball of cells at this point) because I was not miscarrying properly and this would help determine if my pregnancy was ectopic or not. They were also concerned about my ovary so most likely a D&C would stop the pregnancy and make my HCG levels drop, which would ultimately help my ovary. Anyway, I went in for the surgery and spent a few days recovering from it. When they tested my blood again, they were expecting the HCG to have dropped significantly and instead it was the highest it had ever been. This, combined with my D&C tissue being negative for conception material meant that my pregnancy was most definitely NOT in the uterus. I went in for another emergency ultrasound and FINALLY, we could see the pregnancy (I was about 4.5 to 5 weeks pregnant at this point) ... but it was in my fallopian tube. (For those that don't know, this is a very dangerous place to have a pregnancy. Because the fallopian tube is so small, eventually the pregnancy would most likely burst out of the tube and cause major internal bleeding. It would also permanently damage the tube and make future pregnancy even harder to achieve.) So, I was immediately sent to the hospital and was given methotrexate which is basically chemotherapy. This would stop the cells from reproducing and stop the pregnancy from progressing. Finally, last week, my blood results came back very close to 0, so I am most likely not pregnant any more as of this week. (I still have to test one last time tomorrow to be absolutely sure)

So yeah, that has been the rollercoaster of my life the past few months. And while I'm really sad about it, I am also just ready to try again. But I have to wait a few months for my body to recover before I can do that.

In other, much better news: I was accepted in to Denver Comic Con for 2015! So, after I finish my last 1-2 commissions, you will start seeing brand new work from me in preparation of that con.


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My name is Brittany. I am 28 years old, I live in Denver, CO.

I currently work as a freelance artist and with a slot machine company as their Lead Artist. And I am hoping to strike it rich by making my dream game.

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Happy Holidays setsuna22.  Meet you in 2015.  Wooh!
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I am! But I would not be able to start work on it until atleast the end of the month/middle of next month
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Here are my commission prices that I have listed..…
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